The adhesive pad doesn't stick well to my skin.

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If the adhesive pad doesn't stick well, here are a few things to check:

  1. Make sure the area is clean and dry when you apply the pad. When applying the pad, press and rub it firmly to create a good bond.
  2. Consider shaving the area where the pad is attached (or have your partner help you).
  3. Attach the pad before you use any lubricant. If there's lubricant on your skin where the pad is being attached, the pad won't stick.
  4. Place the pad as low as possible on your back since putting it higher increases the tension on the band.
  5. Attach the tab lock near the bottom of the pad instead of in the middle or at the top, since attaching it higher on the pad may tend to pull the pad off the skin.
  6. Wait a minute after applying the pad before attaching the tab lock, to give the adhesive time to bond to your skin.

In spite of all the above, some customers have reported that they sweat heavily and the pad just won't stick. If you fall into this category, don't despair. There's a solution that works well. 

Solution if you sweat heavily or have oily skin so nothing seems to stick 

In the event the Xialla adhesive pad doesn’t stick well, athletic sports tape can be used to secure the pad in place. The tape is specially designed to stick under the most challenging conditions. 

Here are links to buy the athletic sports tape on Amazon:

You can also buy athletic sports tape at most pharmacies.

Here's a photo of how to use the tape to secure the pad at the top, leaving the bottom of the pad available to secure the Xialla tab-lock.

Adhesive pad tape

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