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Xialla is the only device or therapy that combines six benefits to achieve a firm, long lasting erection and an enhanced sexual experience for both the man and his partner.

Traps blood better than any other device or therapy, to build and maintain a stronger, longer lasting erection.

Conventional ED therapies such as oral medication and injections work well for enhancing blood inflow. But they do little to solve the blood outflow problem. Pumps also help with blood inflow, however the rings that come with pumps are less effective because they move during sexual activity, allowing blood to escape.

Xialla solves the blood outflow problem with a patented mechanism that holds the device in place. The result is 3x better effectiveness at trapping blood.

By trapping blood effectively, Xialla helps to build and maintain a stronger, longer lasting erection.

Xialla is the only device or therapy that stimulates the stretch-sensitive nerves of the penile skin to trigger and maintain the erection.

The penile skin is endowed with special stretch-sensitive nerve endings. Unlike the nerves ending that are stimulated by touch, these special nerve endings are stimulated simply by the skin being stretched taut. As the penis becomes erect, the skin is naturally stretched resulting in the stretch-sensitive nerve ending being stimulated, and the stimulation helps to maintain the erection.

However with aging, this effect is lessened because nerves naturally become less sensitive and the penile skin becomes less taut, and more slack.

Xialla reverses the aging effect by actively stretching the penile skin. It does so by drawing the scrotum rearward, which pulls the penile skin taut.

The result is that the stretch-sensitive nerve endings of the penile skin are activated, and this stimulation effect not only feels great, but it helps to build and maintain the erection.

Xialla is more effective than any other device or therapy for engorging the outer penile tissues to make the penis look and feel thicker and harder for both the man and his partner.

The penile shaft is comprised of an inner part (the corpus cavernosum) that fills with blood during an erection, and a softer more spongy superficial layer. Because Xialla slows blood outflow of the veins in the superficial layer, it promotes engorgement of this layer.

The result is that Xialla increases the actual thickness of the penis, and makes the penis look and feel more engorged and thicker for both the man and his partner.

Xialla is the only device or therapy that actively retracts the foreskin to keep the sensitive glans uncovered, increasing penile stimulation.

The glans, or tip of the penis is the most sensitive part. However with aging the sensitivity is reduced. Xialla reverses the effect of aging by drawing the foreskin back to keep the glans fully exposed during both the penetration and withdrawal of intercourse.

The result is heightened penile stimulation and increased arousal and excitement.

Xialla is the only device or therapy that actively tightens the penile skin to "take the slack" out of penile thrusting, significantly enhancing the sensation of length and girth.

Stimulation during intercourse is the direct result of friction between the penis and the orifice being penetrated. (The orifice may be the vagina, anus, hands, mouth or sex toy. We'll use the vagina for this explanation.) The penile skin is slack to a certain extent, therefore the friction between the penis and vagina is reduced on the penetration and withdrawal strokes as the slack is "taken up". During the "take-up" part of the stroke the skin is not sliding against the vagina. Rather the skin is moving over the penile shaft, in the same way it moves over the shaft when a man masturbates by rapidly sliding the penile skin back and forth. Only once the slackness in the skin is taken up does the stroke begin the phase of direct friction between the penis and vagina.

Xialla draws the scrotum backward and in doing so it tightens the penile skin to remove the slack. This results in the entire penetration and withdrawal strokes causing friction between the penis and the vagina, since there is no "take-up" part of the stroke.

The result is a significantly enhanced sensation of length, girth and stimulation for both the man and his partner. As well, the man can relax more and not have to thrust as much to maintain an erection, since even small movements result in more stimulation. This can result in heightened feelings of closeness and intimacy.

Xialla is the only device or therapy that prevents testicle "ride-up" during sexual activity.

Many men experience testicle ride-up during sexual excitement, which draws the testicles upwards out of the scrotum and into the area of the groin next to the base of the penile shaft. In this position the testicles can get squeezed between the man's groin and his partner's groin during intercourse. The man often has to pause to push testicles back down before resuming intercourse, interrupting the intimacy and excitement.

Xialla's loop encircles the scrotum above the testicles, gently and securely preventing them from riding up. The result is comfortable sex with less discomfort and interruptions of excitement and intimacy.

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