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Is Xialla better than Eddie, if so why?


Is Xialla better than Eddie, if so why?



Dear J.S.,

It's a great question and we get asked this question often. Eddie is an innovative product and they have some unique concepts. Anything that helps men with ED is a good thing and we applaud Eddie's efforts. 

That said, there are some key differences between Eddie and Xialla. The differences are the result of the design choices we made when designing Xialla. I'll go into those differences and the design choices in a bit of detail here, so that you and others will have a full understanding. My hope is that it helps you choose the best ring for your needs, whichever that is. 

3x More Effective

We designed Xialla to overcome the primary problem with ED rings, which is that they tend to move during sexual activity. They can slide back and forth along the penile shaft during thrusting and withdrawal. This movement reduces their effectiveness because it lets blood escape from the penis. 

Xialla is designed to solve the movement problem by anchoring the ring in place gently but firmly against the scrotum, at the base of the penile shaft. By anchoring the ring with the loop, band and tab-lock, the ring stays in place. This makes it 3x more effective at slowing blood outflow, thereby correcting venous leak.

Soft Silicone vs Hard Plastic

Eddie is made of hard plastic. Many customers have reported to us that hard plastic rings can be irritating against a woman’s intimate parts.

Xialla is made of soft smooth silicone and is unnoticeable to the woman.

Some men have also reported that hard plastic rings are less comfortable to wear. This may be personal preference. Xialla is designed for ultimate comfort. 

Normal Ejaculation

It's critical that a ring allow for normal ejaculation. Eddie claims that their unique shape allows for normal ejaculation by ensuring the urethra isn't compressed by the ring. 

Xialla also allows for normal ejaculation. Because Xialla is secured against moving it doesn’t have to be as tight as other rings in order to be effective. Therefore it doesn't compress the urethra enough to interfere with ejaculation.

It's important to understand that the urethra is embedded in a channel between the two corpus cavernosa of the penis. Therefore it's difficult to compress the urethra very much since the corpus cavernosa protect it from compression. Therefore a soft silicone ring like Xialla doesn’t compress enough to prevent ejaculation.

Ejaculation is normal and comfortable with Xialla. 

Oval Shape

Eddie's ring is oval shaped rather than circular. They claim this fits the penis better, since penises are oval in cross section. This makes perfect sense and when designing a hard plastic ring, it's an important consideration. 

Xialla is not a hard plastic ring. Rather, it's soft and stretchy like a thick elastic. Therefore Xialla will adapt to any penis shape the same way an elastic band will adapt to the shape of whatever it's wrapped around. 

While Giddy may fit an oval penis well, its rigid shape means that it may not fit as perfectly as Xialla with even pressure. Xialla will adapt to fit any penis shape perfectly with even pressure. Men may therefore find Xialla more comfortable to wear. 

Safe Removal

While it may not be pleasant to talk about possible risks of rings, it's very important to understand that all rings do present a slight risk of injury. Rings that are too tight can cause the blood to build up, swelling the penis and making removal difficult. In the worst case, a hard ring can become impossible to remove, requiring emergency removal by a physician. 

In general, the harder and stiffer the ring, the greater the risk of injury. The softer and stretchier the ring, the less the risk of injury. 

As well, if a ring needs to be removed quickly, it's beneficial to have a way to grasp the ring firmly to be able to expand it for removal. It may be difficult to firmly grip and expand a hard plastic ring, especially if the penis has begun to swell.

Xialla is designed with safe removal as a priority. If Xialla is too tight and needs to be removed, the user can 1. remove the band from the tab lock, 2. pull the band downward to remove the loop from around the scrotum, 3. grasp the loop from both sides with one hand on each side, and pull away from the penis to expand the ring 4. pull the expanded ring forward and off the penis. 

Customer Satisfaction

For independently verified  reviews of Eddie on Trustpilot, click here. At the time of writing, Eddie was rated 2.8/5. 

For independently verified  reviews of Xialla on Trustpilot, click here. At the time of writing, Xialla was rated 4.6/5. 


Giddy is a unique ED ring, and we support and applaud their innovation and efforts to help men treat ED. I've tried to provide an impartial and objective comparison to help you make the choice that's best for your personal situation. I hope it helps!

Kind regards, 

The Xialla Medical Team


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