Guys, women are schooling us on sexual wellness! We need to catch up!!

by Nigel Shaw, Inventor of Xialla

As I read today’s Globe and Mail article on sexual wellness I’m struck by how far women have come in talking, sharing, and doing something about their desire for sex, sexual wellness and orgasms.

In a few decades, vibrators have gone from the back page of the Sears catalogue to mainstream retail. Thinly disguised as a hunt for sexual  wellness, women are openly discussing their quest for the perfect sex toy, driving a boom in the sexual wellness market to over $19 billion in the US alone, according to Grandview Research.

It begs the question… where are all the men’s toys? Ya we men masturbate all the time. But do we see Fleshlights and Fuck-Me-Sillies next to the ties and shoes at Club Monaco?

Not yet.

Guys… let’s get our act together. The women have this figured out already. They’re talking about it and making it not only cool, but sexy and hot. When they talk about their big o on Instagram, their friends support the conversation and shower them with likes.

It’s time we step up and start the conversation about sexual wellness for men.

And that doesn’t just mean how to jerk off better and how much fun it can be, although we all know that’s a big part of it.

It means how to figure out what’s between us and the sex life we would love to have.

That means different things to different guys, and can include things like more intimacy and closeness, more confidence, more excitement, or more ways to achieve the release and ecstasy of orgasm.

I’ll start my version of the conversation right now, by saying that the foundation of my sexual wellness goes like this:

1. Get fit and stay fit.
2. Make non-root vegetables the foundation of your diet.
3. Minimize alcohol.
4. Buy a Fleshlight for when you’re alone or with your girl!
5. Get a Xialla for stronger, longer lasting erections.

Guys, let’s start the conversation and start catching up with the women who right now are schooling us in how to not only talk about sex, but do something about it!!

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