How Xialla works

Xialla is like nothing else you've seen before. Take a moment to understand how Xialla works, so that you can make the decision that's right for you and your individual needs.

Healthy Erection

How erections work

More blood inflow than outflow

The body sends blood into the penis, which traps the blood so there there is less blood going out than in. This results in pressure being built up inside the penile tissues which makes the penis rigid.

How ED happens

How ED happens

Not enough inflow, excess outflow

ED is one of two problems - not enough blood inflow, or too much blood outflow. Treatments for ED have to be case-specific to solve the problem that the patient is facing.

Inflow solutions

Inflow solutions

Drugs and injections = blood inflow

Existing solutions, such as drugs, injections and pumps, only address blood inflow. They don't address blood outflow.

Outflow solutions

Outflow solutions

Rings don't work because they move

Penis rings are designed to trap blood and solve the outflow problem, but they let blood escape as they move. Trying to solve the problem by making them very tight can be dangerous and uncomfortable.



Xialla works because it doesn't move

Xialla’s patented design holds the elastic silicone ring in place so it gently traps blood and prevents leakage. Users enjoy a fully erect penis without a prescription.

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In this video Nigel Shaw, inventor of Xialla, explains the following important principles behind Xialla:

How erections work

The penis needs more blood inflow than outflow in order to get hard.

How ed happens

ED happens when there's not enough inflow and/or too much outflow.

Trapping blood

How medications, pumps, injections, and others increase blood inflow, but only Xialla slows blood outflow.

Why rings don't work

Penis rings are ineffective because they don't stay in place unless they're too tight.

Triggers erection

How Xialla pulls the penile skin backward, stimulating the stretch-sensitive nerve endings of the penile skin, triggering the erection response.

Promotes engorgement

How Xialla promotes engorgement of the penile shaft tissues, making the penis look and feel thicker.

Increased stimulation

How Xialla optimizes penis head exposure, increasing stimulation of the most sensitive area of the penis.

Feels longer

How Xialla draws the testicles and scrotum rearward to reduce skin slackness, optimizing shaft penetration length and making the penis appear longer.

Prevents ride-up

How Xialla prevents uncomfortable testicle “ride-up,” in which the testicles move up and can get squeezed.

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The science behind Xialla

Xialla is a medical device that is precision-engineered to support a firm, long-lasting erection. To understand how Xialla works, we need to look at the biomechanics of an erection.

The biomechanics of an erection

For an erection to be achieved and maintained, two things need to happen. First blood must flow into the penis, which is what makes the penis grow larger and harder. Second, blood must be prevented from flowing out faster than it flows in.

To create inflow, blood is carried into the penis through the cavernosal arteries deep within the penile shaft. These arteries expand and increase blood flow when a man is sexually aroused.

To reduce outflow, the corporal tissue (the main part of the penis shaft) squeezes the deep dorsal vein and penile venules of the shaft when the penis is erect, which slows the outflow of blood.

If the inflow through the arteries is faster than the outflow through the veins, an erection can be maintained. But if the outflow is faster than the inflow, it causes erectile dysfunction (ED).

Increasing inflow

For men whose ED is caused by insufficient blood inflow, pharmaceuticals known as PDE5 inhibitors can treat the condition. By relaxing the arteries, these drugs increase the inflow of blood and help men achieve an erection.

Reducing outflow  

For men whose ED is caused by excess blood outflow (venous leakage) a different solution is needed—one that will reduce the outflow of blood that causes erections to lose their power. In this case, drugs are not effective, because they have no effect on outflow. Reducing outflow requires a physical device that constricts the veins and venules of the penis.

Why "rings" and other adult toys don't work

Many men have tried using a ring—a popular adult toy that is placed at the base of the penis—with little success. Although a ring does constrict the veins of the penis, it can't reduce outflow because it moves during sex, and these movements end up pushing blood out through the veins and diminishing the erection. Even if the ring includes a loop to anchor it to the scrotum, the scrotum also moves and triggers the same outflow effect.

How is Xialla different?

Xialla is engineered to deliver the compression effect of a ring while keeping the mechanism immobilized to prevent subsequent outflow during sex.

A comfortable silicone ring, which encircles the penis and scrotum, is attached to a flexible strap that is drawn back through the legs and attached to a small adhesive tab at the base of the spine.

This firm backward pressure keeps Xialla immobile and the pressure consistent under any conditions. The result is a fast forming, firm and long-lasting erection.

Xialla as a complementary therapy

For men who have difficulty maintaining an erection, Xialla can provide a solution where pharmaceuticals do not. For those who experience issues with both achieving AND maintaining an erection, Xialla complements drug therapies and offers a complete solution for accelerating the inflow of blood required to achieve an erection and regulating the outflow in order to maintain it longer.  

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