How Xialla works

Xialla's patented design targets venous leak (excess blood outflow), a condition that can diminish the strength and duration of an erection, even one that has been achieved through ED medication, vacuum pump devices, or injections.
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An erection happens when blood flows into the penis

Most ED solutions, including medication, injections, and pumps work by trying to increase the amount of blood that flows into the penis.

But if the blood flows out too fast (venous leak) the erection is lost

In many men, excess blood outflow (venous leak) causes loss of the erection. In fact studies show that 55% of ED is caused by venous leak.

Traditional rings aren't effective at correcting venous leak

Traditional ED rings attempt to correct venous leak by compressing the dorsal veins. However these rings move during sexual activity, allowing blood to continue escaping from the penis.

Xialla effectively corrects venous leak

Xialla’s patented design prevents movement of the ring during sex, reducing blood outflow to effectively correct the venous leak, resulting in a strong, long lasting erection.

Is Xialla right for me?

Xialla works by correcting excess blood outflow, or venous leak. Xialla may be right for you if you experience one or more of the following symptoms:
  • You can get an erection but it goes away.
  • Your erection often goes away if you change position.
  • You can keep an erection sometimes but not at other times.
  • Your erection is not as hard as it used to be.
  • Oral or injected medication doesn't work as well as it used to.
  • A pump can get you hard but the rings that come with the pump don't maintain the erection well.
  • You've tried everything else and nothing works.
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Xialla works alone,
and with other ED therapies

Just Xialla
5 star rating Trustpilot

"I read about Xialla’s device to hold the blood from draining back into your body. I ordered the regular (most popular) device. Too tight of a fit. Called Xialla and they completely understood and set out the next larger size. I tried the new size right away, and what a great product."

William Rutter
Review from Trustpilot

A clinical trial showed that Xialla offers significant erectile function and sexual function benefit to 66% of patients.

Xialla + medication
5 star rating Trustpilot

"I decided to try Xialla because my use of ED medications were no longer producing satisfactory results.
I still take the ED meds but using them with the Xialla system has made a very significant improvement in my performance and our overall experience.
The product is definitely worth a try."

ED medication increases blood inflow. Xialla helps prevent blood outflow so the erection stays stronger for longer.

Xialla + ED pumps
5 star rating Trustpilot

"After a few practice attempts, and figuring out how to place the Xialla on the tube the proper way, the Xialla slipped off much easier than a normal constriction band and none of my erection was lost.
The Xialla is a God send. I truly thank Nigel for inventing this amazing product and amazing customer service the company provides."

Kenneth Akers
Review from Trustpilot

Xialla can be effectively used in place of the standard constriction rings used with vacuum pumps to slow venous leakage.

Xialla + injections
5 star rating Trustpilot

"I am post prostatectomy 1 year. I have tried the medications with no success. The injections work somewhat but erections subside almost immediately when not standing up. I Figured I would give Xialla a try. It works, along with injections and even when using a smaller dose. This is also a whole lot better than the pump."

Xialla is clinically proven to complement the vasodilation effect of penile injection therapies by reducing blood outflow.

Position in moments for spontaneous intimacy

Visual of how to use Xialla

A silicone ring applies uniform pressure to prevent blood from escaping the penis.

Visual of how to use Xialla

An additional loop then holds the ring firmly and comfortably against the scrotum.

Visual of how to use Xialla

The integrated band connects to an adhesive pad to firmly anchor the device in place.

The science behind Xialla

Xialla is the only constriction device that was proven effective in treating moderate to severe ED in clinical trials.
Xialla clinical trials
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While ED medications, injections, and pumps address ED by increasing the inflow of blood through the arteries, Xialla works primarily by preventing blood outflow through the deep dorsal vein.

To create inflow, blood is carried into the penis through the cavernosal arteries deep within the penile shaft. These arteries expand and increase blood flow during sexual arousal.

When the penis is erect, the corporal tissue (the main part of the penis shaft) squeezes the deep dorsal vein and penile venules of the shaft, which slows the outflow of blood.

If the outflow is faster than the inflow, the erection will be weakened or lost: when the outflow can be slowed, an erection can be maintained.

While conventional rings constrict the veins of the penis, they still allow blood outflow because they move freely during sex, and these movements end up pushing blood out through the veins.

Xialla's patented design improves on conventional rings by keeping the constriction mechanism firmly in place with a discreet band that anchors to the base of the spine. As a result, outflow is dramatically minimized, which in turn results in a faster-forming, stronger, longer-lasting erection.

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