How Xialla works

Xialla's patented design targets excessive blood outflow, a condition that can diminish the strength and duration of an erection, even one that has been achieved through ED medication, vacuum pump devices, or injections.

Xialla reduces outflow

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Uniquely engineered

Made of 100% silicone, Xialla is latex-free, non-irritating, soft, and elastic so that it can fit the contours of your body. Xialla comes in three sizes so that you can find a perfect fit that provides firm but comfortable constriction.

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How it works

Nigel Shaw, inventor of Xialla, shows you what Xialla looks like and explains how it works.

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The science behind Xialla

Xialla is the only constriction device that was proven effective in treating moderate to severe ED in clinical trials. Learn more about Xialla's clinical trials.

While ED medications, injections, and pumps address ED by increasing the inflow of blood through the arteries, Xialla works primarily by preventing blood outflow through the deep dorsal vein.

‍To create inflow, blood is carried into the penis through the cavernosal arteries deep within the penile shaft. These arteries expand and increase blood flow during sexual arousal.

‍When the penis is erect, the corporal tissue (the main part of the penis shaft) squeezes the deep dorsal vein and penile venules of the shaft, which slows the outflow of blood.

If the outflow is faster than the inflow, the erection will be weakened or lost: when the outflow can be slowed, an erection can be maintained.

While conventional rings constrict the veins of the penis, they still allow blood outflow because they move freely during sex, and these movements end up pushing blood out through the veins.

Xialla's patented design improves on conventional rings by keeping the constriction mechanism firmly in place with a discreet band that anchors to the base of the spine. As a result, outflow is dramatically minimized, which in turn results in a faster-forming, stronger, longer-lasting erection.  

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