Is Xialla right for me?

Use this page to determine if Xialla may help with your erectile dysfunction.

Who it's for

Xialla is designed for men of any age or medical profile who experience ED due to venous leak (excess blood outflow). Because of its unique construction, Xialla offers an effective treatment option for men who may be dissatisfied with the results they have seen from more traditional treatments. Here are some situations where Xialla may be a good fit.

“I can achieve an erection, but have difficulty maintaining it.”
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Xialla is specifically designed to support patients whose erections are compromised by venous leak.

“I want to avoid medication or injections.”
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In some cases, Xialla can eliminate the need for medication and injections. In other cases, it enables patients to reduce the dosage and achieve the results they seek.

“Traditional ED treatments don’t deliver the results I want.”
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Xialla can be safely used in combination with other ED therapies, such as medication, injections, and pumps. This can help to improve outcomes in cases where the original treatment is unsatisfactory or efficacy has diminished over time.

“I prefer to avoid surgery to treat my ED.”
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Some Xialla customers for whom injections failed to work have reported that using Xialla has enabled them to regain sexual function, thereby enabling them to delay the need for surgical intervention.

"I want to enhance spontaneity and pleasure during intimacy.”
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Because Xialla is a wearable device, it enables greater spontaneity than medication. Xialla customers also report heightened sensitivity and increased pleasurable sensation during intimacy.

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