Love is the Cure

When my eldest son Peter was a teenager he came to me for advice about getting a tattoo. I said "Well my only advice is to make sure it's pretty small and not too noticeable in case you want to get it removed later".

Peter said, "Well actually I was thinking of a huge one right across my shoulder blades."

"Wow", I said. "That's a big commitment. I guess you have something meaningful in mind."

"Yep", he said. "Love is the Cure".

I was pretty stunned with joy that my teenage son would want that. And glad to feel that somehow or another my wife and I had succeeded as parents.

So the tattoo is pretty well known now among Pete's friends. And it's become a bit of a mantra for how our family operates.

With Xialla, it's my greatest hope to keep spreading the love.

Inventor of Xialla