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Xialla helps men get back to the amazing sex they once had. Combining meticulous attention to detail with ingenious design, our products inspire romance and delight the senses.

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With aging, we naturally start to lose one of life's greatest joys.

That's why it's so important for us to help as many guys (and their partners) as we possibly can.

Xialla was born out of the founder's passion for invention and a sense that current ED treatments were limited in scope. Nothing addressed the blood outflow problem.

Based in Canada, with roots in Montreal, Quebec (birthplace of the founder) Xialla is adventurous and free-spirited to the core. Inclusion, fun, romance, and passion are our guideposts.

We spent 10 years developing Xialla through dozens of iterations, refining it from a concept into an elegant, finely crafted and beautifully functional solution.

Ride the wave of being with each other. Join us as we change lives and make the world a better place. Our greatest hope is that Xialla helps you rekindle the flames of passion and get back to the amazing sex you know and love.

Nigel Shaw

Loves to invent things. Loves people. Plays guitar and hangs out with friends, his wife and his 4 grown kids. Started experiencing ED at 55.

Tony Bella

Ex hockey player. World renowned urological surgeon. Family man. Loved by his hundreds of patients for his dedication to their care.

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You are the most important person to us.


We will always take care of you.


We will always be available to help you.

"The first time I tried Xialla I felt like I'd rediscovered a long forgotten passion"


The best kinds of products come with joy.


Compact, discreet, fits in your pocket. Does the job. Cool name. Style a guy can relate to.


Smooth and silky to the touch. Made with care. Quality you can trust.

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