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Treat ED better

After drugs, injections and pumps, a patient who still loses the erection has limited options. Xialla fills that treatment gap by addressing venous leak that contributes to 55% of ED.
A breakthrough device

What is Xialla?

Xialla is a modified ED penile constriction ring that traps blood 3x more effectively than regular rings, providing an effective treatment for venous leak.

Xialla has been proven in clinical trials and consistently positive customer reviews.

Excess blood outflow

Treat ED caused by venous leak

ED is caused by either insufficient blood inflow or excess blood outflow. Studies indicate that excess outflow, or "venous leak" may contribute to 55% of ED.

Xialla is the only clinically proven treatment for ED caused by venous leak.

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A clinically proven ED solution

Two peer-reviewed clinical trials, one that focused on patients with moderate ED and one that focused on post-radical prostatectomy patients with ED, indicate that Xialla delivers a significant improvement in erectile and sexual function.  
Dr. Anthony J. Bella
One of the world's foremost urological surgeons.

Dr. Bella is one of the top urological surgeons in the world. He has coauthored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and chaired the Canadian Urological Association Guidelines for treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

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A trusted treatment partner

Feel confident recommending Xialla to your patients and customers:
  • Proven in clinical trials to deliver significant benefits to 66% of users.
  • Loved by customers, with 200+ Trustpilot reviews and an "excellent" rating.
  • Professionally endorsed by one of the world's foremost urological surgeons.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with a no-questions-asked refund policy.
  • Exceptional customer support 24/7 with responses within hours.

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Many urologists and healthcare providers have found Xialla can fill a critical unmet need in their ED treatment options by effectively treating venous leak.
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