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Give your patients a clinically proven, drug-free way to treat ED.
Xialla partners with ED clinics, pharmacies, urologists, family physicians, and alternative healthcare providers to provide a simple, rewarding partnership program that benefits everyone.

Treat venous leak

Offer new hope to patients with ED caused by venous leak. Xialla's unique, patented design reduces venous leakage and promotes stronger, longer-lasting erections. Product effectiveness has been proven by clinical trials and consistently positive customer reviews.

The Xialla partnership program is simple. We manage everything for you—no inventory, shipping, returns, or customer service to worry about.

  • Expand your ED treatment options
  • Earn revenue for every referral
  • Leave logistics and support to Xialla
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A clinically proven ED solution

Two peer-reviewed clinical trials—one that focused on patients with moderate ED and one that focused on post-radical prostatectomy patients with ED—indicate that Xialla delivers a significant improvement in erectile and sexual function.  
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A trusted treatment partner

Feel confident recommending Xialla to your patients and customers:
  • Proven in clinical trials to deliver significant benefits to 66% of users
  • Loved by customers, with 200+ Trustpilot reviews and an "excellent" rating
  • Professionally endorsed by one of the world's foremost urological surgeons
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with a no-questions-asked refund policy
  • Exceptional customer support 24/7 with responses within 24 hours.

Men love Xialla

Sep 24, 2021



Allen Smith

Sep 12, 2021

Fabulous customer service

First product was too smallest like many others have said before me, when I contacted customer service for a larger size, they were prompt and within 5 days the new product arrived with additional adhesive pads (a plus!!!).I am very satisfied.

Barry Kendall

Sep 09, 2021

A++++++ customer service

Even tho it didn't work for me their customer service is top notch and I got a full refund and very satisfied to have been able to try the product for free

Mike Brown

Aug 24, 2021

Climaxes have been mind blowing.

As a male in his mid sixties, I had been experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) issues due to age, high blood pressure, a heart issue and the taking of medication for these issues. My urologist had been prescribing ED medication for a number of years, however, it became harder to sustain an erection. Sex went from often to almost non existent. Thank goodness for an understanding wife and good communication skills when these issues occurred and continued. At a recent appointment with my urologist, I shared that things were getting worse and that I knew he could not prescribe any higher levels of ED medication. The urologist said it was time for me to look into the use of a penile pump. I began to research a penile pump device and was not a fan for myself. I thought there has to be something else out there and began researching what might be available. I ran across the Xialla webpage and read everything and watched the videos provided on the product. After researching other products I thought I would try the Xialla product. I, as well as my wife, have not been disappointed. The device is easy to put on and install, and it worked well from day one. We have utilized the Xialla as part of our foreplay and it has added to our pleasure. It has given me very hard erections that stay hard and added to the entire sexual experience. Climaxes have been mind blowing. Our lovemaking has gone from one time a month to several times a week. My wife has stated that she wishes we had found the Xialla much earlier. I do too. Thank you to the creator of the Xialla and the company producing it for helping guys in my situation. This device is well worth the money and worth a try. It has turned our sex life back to what it was like in our early years of marriage. I will be sharing about the Xialla with my urologist at my next appointment so he can share with other guys as a possible solution to their ED issues. Thank you.

TE United States

Aug 11, 2021

Xialla worked as promise I was…

Xialla worked as promise I was pleasantly surprised I am glad I made the purchase  Thanks

Horace Smith

Aug 08, 2021

Couldn’t ask more

I needed to change sizes. Without any questions, difficulties, or additional fees, I was promptly sent the new size I requested. Couldn’t ask more from customer service.

Satisfied Customer

Aug 09, 2021

Performs as claimed.

Great customer service.  Did not work for me, but still experimenting with a different size which they sent, no questions asked.


Aug 07, 2021

Customer service was the best…

Their customer service was the best I've experienced.

Raymond Rarick

Aug 07, 2021

Xialla deserves success

I bought Xialla after doing a bit of research and the money back guarantee sounded legit.  I read most of the website and reviews. Followed the size guide instructions. And the Xialla arrived out of Canada.  I put it on and the thing worked.  But it felt a little uncomfortable. I wrote in and asked if that level of discomfort was normal. Instead of answering my question customer service at Xialla said they were sending me another size immediately.  And sure enough with the invoice marked: $0.00 I received the second unit (with more pads!)  My review of its successful function is elsewhere.  As far as customer service Xialla is pro-active and pro-customer.  Maybe it's because they're Canadian or maybe it's because Xialla works for most and those for whom it does not they wish them well and refund the money. Q.E.D.


Aug 04, 2021

I have been very pleased with the…

I have been very pleased with the customer service.  I had a few questions which were answered quickly.  I needed to try a different size and they responded the same day.

Lawrence Ondovic

Aug 02, 2021

Why I like Xialla

I use the Xialla in conjunction with a ring and the ring stays in place and I like the strap around the testicles and the strap under the perineum enhances the feeling of ejaculation after prostate surgery.


Aug 02, 2021

Right there with me the whole way

Right there with me the whole way, even on the weekend

James Barnes

Aug 02, 2021

Product review

My husband liked it but he says it's too tight and causes pain... I would like to try the next size up, please.Roger


Jul 30, 2021

Excellent results

Excellent results


Jul 30, 2021

How much is your sex life worth?

Highly recommend. So far so good Xialla has performed as advertised.  Originally ordered the medium size which was a little too snug. I contacted customer service and was sent the larger size free of charge. Overall the product and service have proved to be worth every penny. On a side note the Mrs has said that while she knows Xialla is in place she doesn’t feel like it interferes with her abilities or experience.


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