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Increase your success rate treating mild and severe erectile dysfunction
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Stop venous leakage

Unlike traditional occlusion rings, Xialla's patented mechanism anchors the ring in place, effectively slowing venous leakage.

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Flexible usage modalities

Recommend Xialla alone for a natural, drug-free ED treatment, or in combination with other ED solutions to treat even the most severe cases.

Just Xialla
In clinical trials Xialla offered significant erectile and sexual function benefit to 66% of patients.
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Xialla and Medication
In clinical trials Xialla in combination with oral medication salvaged difficult cases.
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Xialla and ED pumps
Xialla improves on the standard rings provided with pumps to slow venous leakage.
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Xialla and ED injections
In clinical trials Xialla in combination with injection therapy salvaged severe cases. 
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The first clinically proven wearable device for ED

Clinical trials show Xialla to be effective in treating moderate to severe ED when used alone and in combination with drug or injection therapy.

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Let's fight ED together

Working with Xialla is a simple three step process.

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What's in it for me?

Partnering with us brings you tangible benefits, while improving treatment outcomes.

Treat ED better

  • Increase your success rate treating mild and severe erectile dysfunction.
  • Be at the forefront of a breakthrough in treatment of venous leakage.
  • Combine Xialla with existing treatments to improve their efficacy.
  • Reduce treatment failures.

Grow your business

  • Get discounts on Xialla.
  • Get referrals from our website as our reach increases.
  • Be prepared when patients ask about Xialla.

Optionally, partner in clinical trials

  • We're expanding our clinical trials using cutting edge Apple ResearchKit technology.
  • Partner with us in clinical trials at no cost to you.
  • Enhance your prestige in the ED community.

Today and tomorrow

We're in this for the long term

I invented Xialla as a way for me, and regular guys just like me, to get back to amazing sex with a simple and effective product. Because Xialla is the first wearable device clinically proven to treat venous leakage, we believe it can have a long term and broad reaching benefits.

Through collaboration with medical professionals like you, we plan to expand awareness of Xialla. By collaborating in clinical trials we will expand clinical proof of efficacy. With sufficient clinical trials to assemble trial metadata, we will work to have Xialla added to the urology associations' (USA, Canada, EU and others) guidelines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Ultimately this will enable Xialla to be covered under insurance and prescribed broadly as an effective, proven and safe medical device for the treatment of ED.

I hope you'll partner with us to treat ED better.

Nigel Shaw, CEO and Inventor

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