Men love Xialla

4.3 out of 5

Great product and great customer service!

"Tremendous customer service! A+. I love everything about it. The way it feels, the way it wears, the way it looks. Oh yeah, and the erection helps too, lol."



I'm 67 years old on heart medication…

"I hadn't been able to get any type of substantial erection for years. It wasn't until I tried Xialla that I started experiencing sexual excitement in my life again. Thank you Xialla for changing my life."

Terry Ewasiuk


You have great customer service

"You have great customer service. I needed a size change to the bigger one. My replacement was speedy with no questions asked."



Excellent Company

"This is an excellent company with caring employees who are dedicated to help you out. Thank you Nigel and Ian for the excellent service"



I was convinced I would never make love…

"I was convinced I would never make love to a woman again. I can’t believe how well this product works. Not only is it more affordable than ed meds, it works better."



Pleasure's all mine

"As a 72-year-old active male this product enhanced my love life. I would recommend ... to you because you have everything to gain by using it. Try it you'll like it, and so will she."

Thomas Nichols


The simplest things always work the best

"This simple device is really great, if fact I would give it 7 STARS! I had to get the larger than regular size but it fits well, cleans easily, and boy my wife is amazed. Thank you."

David Ellis



"I was a skeptical at first but with the guarantee and exchange policy I decided to give it a chance. I would definitely recommend this product for those who cannot maintain an erection."

John Caton



"Satisfied today, possibly more later after greater use."

Don S.


Great service!

"Did not work good for me,called and let them know and was refunded within a couple of days to my card. Great service!"

Jonathan C.


For me this is a game changer

"It is different from any other ring device that I have seen and I have tried others. As a doctor and a user I would not hesitate to recommend this to anybody."

Dr. Eric Scott


These people are very trustworthy

I have been very impressed by their customer service. The product works as described and is beneficial to performance. Thank you.

William C.


Product works great

"Product works great. I can honestly say I'm back!"

Charles Waller


Amazing and truly works

Back to normal function after close to a year of venous leak symptoms - amazing product that works, is non-invasive, safe and can be used again and again!



The product Xialla works as expected

"The results were above our expectations. And, it assists with future ED - reduced the number of ED episodes; more enjoyable after each use. Sometimes can be removed and not worn entire episode."



Better Than Sliced Bread

"In a word, WOW. OK, so I've been having ED problems for a few years now. The combination of the blue pill and the Xialla constriction is amazing."

J. J.


This device works good and fits great…

"This device works good and fits great puts your assets all in the feel good position and works great with a pump too Useful"



Excellent customer service

"Excellent customer service, prompt reply to inquiry and very customer friendly replacement of product of proper size."



I wish I discovered this years ago!

"I wish I discovered this years ago! Instead of a highest strength ed meds that sometimes failed, I can get by with the minimum dose and guaranteed results."

John Carothers


It worked for me

"It worked for me. My wife loves the results!!"



Works like a charm

"Works like a charm! Solid erection for as long as you want one! Easy to put on once you figure it out."

Jeffry Chambers


Love this product!

"To xialla thank you for helping men with ED.
I have been using xialla for the last six months or more. It builds up confidence, it works for me. Xailla stands behind their product."



At first I was a bit skeptical about…

"At first I was a bit skeptical about this device.It is the most comfortable and effective aid for E.D.Im a prostate cancer survivor stage 4. Its great to just wear."

John Flanagan


A great tool!!!

"A great tool! Delivers better than other products! The best.
Gets things together and gives needed focus/ performance where needed!
Thank you!!!"

A Morgan

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