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I can get an erection but it goes away. Can Xialla help?

Yes, there's a good chance that Xialla may help. Xialla works best for men who struggle with excessive blood outflow. Many men can get an erection, but find it difficult to maintain because the blood outflow is too much. Xialla works by slowing blood outflow from the penis so that your erection lasts longer.
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How does Xialla block blood outflow but not block blood inflow?

To understand how Xialla can block blood outflow without blocking blood inflow, it's important to recognize that inflow occurs through arteries deep within the penis, while outflow occurs through ...


Does Xialla work if you're diabetic or have high blood pressure or heart disease?

Xialla has been proven to help men with difficult to treat conditions. Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease can all contribute to ED by slowing the inflow of blood to ...