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Physician/Provider Partner Program

The Physician/Provider Partner Program helps physicians and healthcare providers prescribe Xialla easily, while ensuring good patient engagement.

The program is simple and hassle free. You don't need to stock or resell product. We provide you with unique customized referral cards (credit card size) that give your patients a 20% lifetime discount. The patient buys directly from our website. We take care of everything with our 5-star customer service, while respecting your physician-patient relationship.

Current Partners


For all questions and information about the program, contact:

Nigel Shaw
613-606-9952 (call or text)

Quick Links

  1. Not yet a partner? Apply to the program.
  2. Request more referral cards. Order early, as there is significant lead time.
  3. Request more samples. Samples ship the following business day.
  4. Refer a physician/provider associate to the program.
  5. Participate in Xialla clinical trials.

Program Details





Patient Support

Physician Support

Referral Cards

Below are the front and back of a sample referral card. We will send you 100 cards to start, customized wtih your personal discount code, name, phone number and QR code.

The cards are the size of a credit card.

You give a card to a patient, and the patient gets 20% off Xialla products for life. We track your referrals and reward you or your charity of choice.