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What is venous leak?

Venous leak is when excess blood flows out of the erection because the valve in the dorsal veins, that should hold the blood in, doesn't work properly. Think of an erection as like pumping up a ti...


Does Xialla treat venous leak?

Yes, Xialla is designed to treat venous leak. Xialla is 3x more effective at treating venous leak than traditional ED rings. Because of its unique construction, Xialla offers an effective treatment...


How effective is Xialla?

Xialla helps four out of five men get an erection. It has also been proven effective for difficult to treat cases of ED. Since Xialla helps slow blood outflow (venous leakage) clinical trials showe...


Is Xialla right for me?

Xialla is designed for men of any age or medical profile who experience ED due to venous leak (excess blood outflow). Because of its unique construction, Xialla offers an effective treatment option...


Is lubricant required with Xialla? What kind of lubricant is recommended?

Xialla can be used with or without lubricant. Xialla has a silky finish that makes it possible to position it without lubricant. However, lubricant may make positioning Xialla more comfortable.  W...


Does Xialla work if I'm circumcized / uncircumcized?

Xialla works for both circumcised and uncircumsized men.

How much does Xialla cost?

Xialla costs $50 USD and comes with 10 single-use adhesive pads.  To see the price of Xialla in other currencies, click the currency selection in the footer of the website. To save 10% on Xialla, ...


Is Xialla tested in clinical trials?

Yes. In two separate clinical trials Xialla demonstrated significant benefit to erectile function and sexual enhancement for the majority of men.


When using Xialla with injection, should the injection be done before or after putting on Xialla?

The injection should be done before putting on the Xialla. This is to prevent any chance that the Xialla may interfere with the injection process.

Can Xialla be put on a flaccid penis or do I need an erection to start?

Xialla can be put on a flaccid or erect penis. As you begin to get stimulated and blood flows into the penis, Xialla helps the erection to build by preventing blood from flowing back out too quick...