Xialla can be put on in a few seconds, so it's ready when you are.
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Stick the pad
Instructions step 1 visual

Clean and dry your lower back. Remove the protective backing from an adhesive pad and stick it firmly just above your buttocks.

Lubricate yourself
Instructions step 2 visual

Use a personal lubricant to to lubricate your penis, scrotum, and the area between your buttocks.

Keep tab lock facing toward you
Instructions step 3 visual

Hold Xialla so that the tab lock (the textured circle at the end of the band) is facing toward you.

Place the ring
Visual of how to use Xialla

Place the ring around the base of your penis and let the loop and band hang in front of your scrotum. The ring can be placed on an erect or flaccid penis.

Stretch the loop
Visual of how to use Xialla

Stretch the loop around your scrotum and adjust it to fit comfortably above the testicles.

Attach the band
Instructions step 6 visual

Pull the band back between your legs and attach the tab lock near the bottom of the pad to lock Xialla in place.

Build the erection
Instructions step 7 visual

Apply gentle pressure behind the ring, to squeeze blood through the ring and improve the erection.

Instructions step 8 visual

Adjust the loop to ensure it’s pulling backwards instead of downwards.

Have amazing sex!
Instructions step 9 visual

Xialla helps you achieve a firm and long-lasting erection so that you and your partner can get back to amazing sex.

the Xialla difference.

Soft and comfortable

Xialla is meant to be comfortable and unobtrusive. It's soft, stretchy and very smooth to the touch.

Refined Simplicity

Xialla is a model of simplicity, compact enough that it comes in a package not much larger than a condom pack.

Carefully engineered

Every detail of Xialla has been carefully designed to do a specific job. Together they result in a gentle but powerful mechanism for treating ED.

Easy to use

With a bit of practice, Xialla can be put on in a few seconds, so it's ready when you are.