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This is Xialla

Xialla is a new medical device that lets you treat erectile dysfunction without a prescription, and without the risk or cost of drugs.

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Why you'll love it

Traps blood

ED medications, pumps, injections, and others primarily increase blood inflow. Xialla slows blood outflow.

Triggers erection

Xialla draws the skin of the shaft backward, stimulating the stretch-sensitive nerve endings of the skin, triggering the erection response.

Promotes engorgement

Xialla promotes engorgement of the penis shaft tissues, making the penis look and feel thicker.

Increased stimulation

Xialla optimizes penis head exposure, increasing stimulation of the most sensitive area of the penis.

Feels longer

Xialla draws the testicles and scrotum rearward to reduce skin slackness, optimizing shaft penetration length and making the penis appear and feel longer.

Prevents ride-up

Xialla prevents uncomfortable testicle “ride-up,” in which the testicles move up and can get squeezed.

Why your partner will love it

You're harder and stay hard

Your erection is firm, able to penetrate your partner confidently and strongly, and it stays hard rather than going soft at the wrong time.

You feel longer and thicker

Because your penile skin is pulled snug and you're harder, your partner feels a strong sensation of increased length and thickness.

You appear longer and thicker

Your scrotum and testicles are drawn back making your shaft appear longer. Your erection is more engorged so you look thicker.

You're relaxed and confident

You no longer have to thrust so much to maintain an erection. You can make love to your partner more intimately and confidently.

No drugs, no waiting

Just slip Xialla on before sex. Xialla helps you get and keep an erection.

How Xialla works
Slipping the ring over the penis
Just slip the ring over the penis
Stretching the loop around the scrotum
Stretch the loop around the scrotum
Securing the band to the adhesive pad
Secure the band to the adhesive pad
Getting back to amazing sex with Xialla
And get back to amazing sex!

The folks behind Xialla

Nigel Shaw

Nigel Shaw

Founder and inventor

Anthony Bella

Dr. Anthony Bella, MD, FRCSC

Urological surgeon and researcher

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Get to know Xialla

See why one couple said "Truly Xialla is the best thing that's happened to our sex life in years. We made love like the old days again and it was wonderful."
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Ride the wave

Xialla was designed to inspire romance and delight the senses.

Existing solutions primarily target blood inflow. But ED is often caused by too much blood outflow, leaving most men with no solution. Until Xialla.


Penis rings

Penis rings

$10 - 120 multiple use

Unfortunately, a regular ring doesn’t stay in place during sex. When it moves, blood escapes from the penis and the erection fades. Xialla's unique design secures the ring firmly in place to prevent blood outflow and maintain an erection.

Drugs and injections icon

Drugs and injections

$15-80 per use

Xialla is a prescription-free alternative to ED drugs and injections. While drugs and injections primarily target blood inflow, Xialla prevents too much blood outflow.

Pump icon


$210 multiple use

Pumps can help men get an erection. But pumps come with regular penis rings that are less effective at helping to maintain an erection.

Xialla product icon


$79 multiple use

Xialla slows excess blood outflow that causes ED in many men. Xialla can be use alone or in combination with other therapies.

How it works

Healthy Erection

Healthy erection

An erection is achieved when there is more blood inflow than outflow.
Existing Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

Existing solutions

Erectile dysfunction medications, pumps, and injections affect inflow, but not outflow.
The Difference of Xialla


Xialla prevents outflow to achieve and maintain a firm long-lasting erection.

Made to enrich lives

Xialla was created to help couples maintain lasting realationships with great sex.

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Rest easy with risk-free everything

With a satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping, trying Xialla is easier than ever.
Made in Canada

Award-winning customer support

Talk to a human, 7 days a week. Our Xialla specialists are always just a text, call, or chat away. Say hello.
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A note from Nigel, the guy who invented Xialla

I invented Xialla as a way for me, and regular guys just like me, to get back to amazing sex without the risks or cost of drugs.

I hope Xialla is as amazing for you as it has been for me and my wife.

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