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Xialla is an integrated ring, loop, and adhesive band - all constructed of soft, elastic silicone. Xialla's unique, patented design anchors the ring in place to prevent it from moving during sexual activity, giving you a stronger, longer-lasting erection.

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"Clinical trials show Xialla to be effective in treating moderate to severe ED when used alone and in combination with drug or injection therapy."

Dr. Anthony J. Bella

Urological Surgeon and Researcher

Dr. Bella is one of the top urological surgeons in the world. He has coauthored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and co-chaired the Canadian Urological Association Guidelines.

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Xialla works alone...
...and with other ED therapies

Use Xialla on its own for a natural, drug-free ED treatment, or use it in combination with other ED solutions. 

Just Xialla
A clinical trial showed that Xialla offers significant erectile function and sexual function benefit to 66% of patients.
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Xialla and Medication
ED medication increases blood inflow. Xialla helps you prevent blood outflow so that your erection stays stronger for longer.
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Xialla and ED pumps
Xialla can be effectively used in place of the standard constriction rings used with vacuum pumps to slow venous leakage.
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Xialla and injections
Xialla is clinically proven to complement the vasodilation effect of penile injection therapies by reducing blood outflow.
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A note from Nigel, inventor of Xialla

When my hereditary high blood pressure started to result in ED, I looked for a solution and was disappointed to realize there was no simple, wearable device that was clinically proven to work. So I invented Xialla. I hope Xialla is as amazing for you as it has been for me and my wife.

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