"Xialla is an innovative breakthrough in the treatment of erectile dysfunction."

Dr. Faysal Yafi, MD, FRCSC

Chief of the Division Men’s Health and Reconstructive Urology, University of California Irvine

The Only ED Ring that Stays in Place

  • 3x More Effective

    A ring that moves allows blood to escape. A ring that stays in place traps blood better, creating a stronger and longer lasting erection.

  • You Don't Need an Erection to Start

    Regular rings need an erection to start, otherwise they move out of place. Xialla stays in place so you can start with or without an erection.

  • More Comfortable

    A ring that's not held in place needs to be very tight in order to work. Xialla doesn't need to be as tight, and that makes Xialla more comfortable.

Attractive and Inconspicuous

"I designed Xialla to be attractive and inconspicuous. Xialla is made of soft, stretchy silicone with a silky finish that both you and your partner will love. Unlike hard plastic rings, Xialla will never irritate intimate areas. Many men report they can use Xialla without their partner knowing.

Nigel Shaw
Inventor of Xialla

  • Stick the pad

    Stick an adhesive pad to your lower back just above the buttocks.

  • Place the ring

    Place the ring around the base of your penis and let the loop and band hang in front of your scrotum.

  • Erect or flaccid

    You don't need an erection to start. The ring can be placed on an erect or a flaccid penis.

  • Stretch the loop

    Stretch the loop up and around your scrotum.

  • Pull the band

    Pull the band back between your legs.

  • Attach the tab lock

    Attach the tab lock to the adhesive pad to lock Xialla in place. 

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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.6/5 in over 300 reviews.

  • "Climaxes have been mind blowing"

    Our lovemaking has gone from one time a month to several times a week.

    TE United States

  • "It has brought me and my wife immense pleasure and happiness"

    And the customer service left me extremely impressed.

    Charlie Flores

  • "Xialla is an amazing product"

    Xialla is a Godsend. I truly thank Nigel for inventing this amazing product.

    Kenneth Akers

Learn about Xialla

Learn about Xialla

I Encourage you to Try Xialla

  • Just Xialla

    Xialla is designed for men of any age or medical profile who experience ED due to venous leak (excess blood outflow).

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  • Xialla + Medication

    Your regularly prescribed ED medication increases blood inflow. Xialla helps you prevent venous leak (blood outflow) so that your erection stays stronger for longer.

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  • Xialla + Injections

    Xialla has been clinically tested to complement penile injection therapies. While injections primarily target blood inflow, Xialla targets venous leak (blood outflow).

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  • Xialla + Pumps

    Use Xialla in place of the standard constriction rings used with vacuum pumps to prevent loss of the erection due to venous leak (blood outflow).

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Clinically Proven

Xialla is proven in clinical trials and backed by our world class medical team.

You can trust that Xialla is based on leading medical science and proven results.

Clinical Trials
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  • Safe

    Xialla is a safe, natural, comfortable, and drug-free treatment. 

  • Effective

    A majority of men with ED see significant improvements.

  • Guaranteed

    If it doesn't work for you, just request an instant refund within 60 days.