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Xialla is an integrated ring, loop, and adhesive band - all constructed of soft, elastic silicone. Xialla's unique, patented design anchors the ring in place to prevent it from moving during sexual activity, giving you a stronger, longer-lasting erection.

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Class 2 Medical Device, FDA and Health Canada Compliant

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Trustpilot rating 4.4 out of 5
4.4 out of 5

Incredible product with exemplary service.

I am 67 years old and have had too many vascular surgeries that has drastically slowed blood flow below the waist. I use the little blue pills to enable an erection. I haven't been able to maintain it using other products until purchasing this godsend. Both my much younger wife and I thank you for your product. The customer service is beyond tremendous as I needed a different size and within days received a new device with no questions asked. As an additional bonus, 10 extra adhesive pads were included. Thank you gentlemen for all you have done.



Hi, Great Product And Customer Service

I would like to express my satisfaction of the
Product. With its ease to use and the effectiveness I would recommend this product to everyone. On the customer service side the service is second to none .!Thx

Brian Hearns


Performs as claimed.

I read all the instructions and information on benefits and I was not disappointed. The device performed as expected and has been very useful. Maintains erection and keeps testicles in place for mutual enjoyment of my wife and myself. Only problem was the back Velcro adhesive sticker becoming loose. It needs to be adhered to dry skin. No problem after a little experience.

Prostatectomy Survivor


A++ Customer Service

Xialla did not work for me but customer service was excellent. They let me try a different size and when that didn’t help they refunded my money. What else could you ask for. I would tell anyone to try this.



Five Star Service

Excellent and very responsive customer service.

Giovannie Adamo


I had read the reviews on this product…

I had read the reviews on this product and purchased it. I think the sizing was right and it supplemented my ED medications, but the wife found it distracting and I returned it. Customer Service is AWESOME!



Customer Service was very helpful and…

Customer Service was very helpful and quick to resolve any issue.
This product worked very well for me. I'm extremely satisfied with this device and recommend it to others.



This company understands what customer service means

This company understands what it means to follow through on what you say. I ordered half of my order incorrectly and didn't realize it until I received the order. I contacted Xialla customer service and they wrote me back and said they would ship me what I wanted originally. No questions asked and not pay for this or pay for that. I was very impressed and will recommend them to all my friends.

Clarence Eddy


I got my sex life back following chemo & radiation!

Following chemotherapy and radiation I began experiencing issues with ED allowing successful penetration with my wife. I wanted a non=drug answer, but was concerned traditional rings wouldn't work. I found Xialla online and ordered with confidence since there was a money back guarantee and no risk to trying.The device has given me my sex life back. Both of us are so thankful. I did experience some issues with premature ejaculation so I emailed and received a personal response from the founder and inventor with suggestions and encouragement. That's customer service!Thanks,

Roy Fitzwater


Tried over 30 Cock Rings before finding the answer with Xialla!

Fantastic. I've tried over 30 rings, of every type, over about 6 years. Most are overpriced and don't seem to do the job. I wanted to give this a try. I received before the weekend and tried it on to do a trial run. I applied a small amount of water based lubricant to the comfortable sexual aid and a small amount to the base of my penis and my testicles. I followed directions and it fit perfectly. I wore it for a few hours and was impressed that is was comfortable, that it didn't scream of "I've got a big metal ring on me and hope it will come off...!" It attached to just above my butt to keep it in place. I had sex that evening and actual penetration was about 15 minutes. I was erect the entire time. My partner didn't know I had it on. It was even a little stimulating as when having sex I had a little enjoyable tension between my buns. My penis didn't get cold or blueish in color. I had more confidence than I've ever had. I didn't need ED meds and I was hard the entire time. I think I overused it for that trial week as part of it snapped, however it wasn't a big deal and I realized I need to check with customer service about a larger and perhaps wider version. You'll be very impressed. I literally have tried them all. I think I've found my answer to my problem with keeping erect. It made me feel like I was 20 again!

Keep Faith


Excellent, friendly, helpful service. Oh, and the product works!

Excellent, friendly, helpful service. Oh, and the product works!

Happy User


Great service and product

Ordered regular size. Tried it once and was painful. Customer service promptly sent out next size. I don’t bother with the adhesive pads. No pads and larger size works like a charm. Very pleased with company and product.

Mike G


Great product and great customer service!

The first device I ordered was the medium size and I found it was pretty tight. I sent an email requesting the large size. I received a response that day and my new device was on it's way in a couple of days. That was all it took. Tremendous customer service! A+.
I'm still getting used to the device, but I love everything about it. The way it feels, the way it wears, the way it looks. Oh yeah, and the erection helps too, lol.



Excellent Company

This is a excellent company with caring employees who are dedicated to help you out.I was having trouble with leakage with the size I bought.Ian sent me a smaller size with no questions asked.This one works great.He also sent a package of adhesives.I have used a lot of penis rings before and these are definitely the best.With the right ED pills I’m enjoying sex again without using a pump.You can’t go wrong with buying one of these rings. If you aren’t happy with it they will go out of there way to make you happy .Thank you Nigel and Ian for the excellent service



Didn’t really believe such a thing…

Didn’t really believe such a thing would work, but it’s the charm I needed. In other words it works for me.



Xialla is a game changer

As a doctor, erectile dysfunction is nothing anybody wants to talk about. I got lucky and found Xialla. Working with Nigel as great. He was very patient on the phone with me and explained how it works. Their website was also very informative. For me this is a game changer it’s improved every facet of my erections and my sex life. It is different from any other ring device that I have seen and I have tried others. As a doctor and a user I would not hesitate to recommend this to anybody

Dr. Eric Scott



I was a little skeptical at first but then with the full money back guarantee and the exchange policy for incorrect fit, I decided to give it a chance. My first unit was not a correct fit and customer service immediately sent a replacement. The shipping was quick. The results for me were positive in that I was able to maintain an erection and complete the activities and then some, bigger and harder, my wife and I are both satisfied as a result. I would definitely recommend this product for those who cannot maintain an erection.

John Caton


Pleasure's all mine

As a 72-year-old active male this product enhanced my love life. I would recommend this product to you because you have everything to gain by using it. As an added benefit it helped keep my foreskin back to enhance my pleasure. Try it you'll like it, and so will she.

Thomas Nichols


I was convinced I would never make love…

I was convinced I would never make love to a woman again. I can’t believe how well this product works. Not only is it more affordable than ED meds it works better than the pill and you don’t have the side effects of taking a drug



Better Than Sliced Bread

In a word, WOW. OK, so I've been having ED problems for a few years now. And the blue pills are alright and not really a "magic bullet" by any means. They will get the blood flowing to the right location but will it stay there? The combination of the blue pill and the Xialla constriction is amazing. I kind of surprised my spouse by preparing for some morning R&R and they said "OH!" hehe. So, my friends, give it a shot (yup). You won't regret it. One note, pay attention to the instructions. The personal lube is really a must, use as suggested, you will be pleased. And, make sure the "anchor patch" is applied properly to your lower back (wash and dry that sweet spot first so the adhesive sticks), and make sure that the tab is attached to the bottom portion of the patch, not the top. Then, get ready for some FUN. :-)

J. J.


The simplest things always work the…

The simplest things always work the best, and this simple device is really great, if fact I would give it 7 STARS! I had to get the larger than regular size but it fits well, cleans easily, and boy my wife is amazed. thank you.

david ellis


Amazing and truly works

Back to normal function after close to a year of venous leak symptoms - amazing product that works, is non-invasive, safe and can be used again and again!



I wish I discovered this years ago!

I wish I discovered this years ago! Instead of a highest strength ED drug that sometimes failed, I can get by with the minimum dose and guaranteed results.

John Carothers


Love this product!

To xialla thank you for helping men with ED.
I have been using xialla for the last six months or more.
It builds up confidence,it works for me .Xailla stands behind thier
Product,and customer service and support is definitely five star.Thank you for your invention and putting it out there
Jack 👍



At first I was a bit skeptical about…

At first I was a bit skeptical about this device.It is the most comfortable and effective aid for E.D.Im a prostate cancer survivor stage 4.Fortunately, it did not involve surgery but 14 months of treatment left me with a changed life.Slowly over the last 4 years most of my responses to a normal sexual life have returned. I use this over a fairly wide range of sexual activity including the use of vacuum pumps.It leaves nothing to doubt about additional development particularly with regard to girth..Its great to just wear. I've recently misplaced mine and will get another.its something you do t want to be without

John Flanagan


A1 product and customer service !

A1 product and customer service !I am an athletic fit - 70 yrs. young and needed a little help with maintaining my erection ( not getting one) . At first I was hesitant to order Xialla due to the product/company not having an expansive web presence yet. But, I liked the product concept, and the thorough video explanation by Nigel ( founder) , so decided to go for it. .
... Wow ! The communication from order to delivery was fantastic! , which eased any doubts I may have had about the company. And now for the best part - the Xialla worked exactly as explained. Keeping my erection full with blood ( no seepage) which translates to hard and strong! I felt like the stud I was at 60 :) 💪Thank you Nigel & co. for reaching out to me by phone and email. Nice to feel such personal attention from an online company.Wish you great success for a great product.
~ Dominic C.

Dominic Crivello


Prostate cancer survivors should try the Xialla constriction ring

Xialla is a unique, truly amazing constriction ring that enabled me to regain my sex life. After devastating radiation treatments for PC caused ED, I thought the gratifying sex life with my wife of 50 years was over. Fortunately. I found and ordered an amazing invention which restored our sex life. Of course, I am not the same, and sex is not the same, but nevertheless, we now enjoy fulfilling sex again.
Granted, not all PC survivors can regain their sex lives, but many can, and I recommend Xialla. There is nothing to lose and possibly much to gain.Xialla is caring company with dedicated employees who are committed to helping others. Very few companies will send a replacement to correct a sizing error or refund the cost of a product that does not help a guy, but Xialla does both. When I needed a different size ring, Ian, a very courteous representative, shipped it promptly. When I had a question, the inventor and CEO, Nigel Shaw personally answered me. His knowledge is extraordinary. Xialla is a remarkable and exceptional company with extremely high standards for its product and customer service.

Happy Texan

Xialla works alone...

Xialla works alone... and with other ED therapies.

...and with other ED therapies

Just Xialla
5 star rating Trustpilot

"I read about Xialla’s device to hold the blood from draining back into your body. I ordered the regular (most popular) device. Too tight of a fit. Called Xialla and they completely understood and set out the next larger size. I tried the new size right away, and what a great product."

William Rutter
Review from Trustpilot

A clinical trial showed that Xialla offers significant erectile function and sexual function benefit to 66% of patients.

Xialla + medication
5 star rating Trustpilot

"I decided to try Xialla because my use of ED medications were no longer producing satisfactory results.
I still take the ED meds but using them with the Xialla system has made a very significant improvement in my performance and our overall experience.
The product is definitely worth a try."

ED medication increases blood inflow. Xialla helps you prevent blood outflow so that your erection stays stronger for longer.

Xialla + ED pumps
5 star rating Trustpilot

"After a few practice attempts, and figuring out how to place the Xialla on the tube the proper way, the Xialla slipped off much easier than a normal constriction band and none of my erection was lost.
The Xialla is a God send. I truly thank Nigel for inventing this amazing product and amazing customer service the company provides."

Kenneth Akers
Review from Trustpilot

Xialla can be effectively used in place of the standard constriction rings used with vacuum pumps to slow venous leakage.

Xialla + injections
5 star rating Trustpilot

"I am post prostatectomy 1 year. I have tried the medications with no success. The injections work somewhat but erections subside almost immediately when not standing up. I Figured I would give Xialla a try. It works, along with injections and even when using a smaller dose. This is also a whole lot better than the pump."

Xialla is clinically proven to complement the vasodilation effect of penile injection therapies by reducing blood outflow.

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"Clinical trials show Xialla to be effective in treating moderate to severe ED when used alone and in combination with drug or injection therapy."

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Dr. Eric Scott
5 star rating Trustpilot
"Xialla is a game changer"

"As a doctor, erectile dysfunction is nothing anybody wants to talk about. I got lucky and found Xialla. Working with Nigel was great. He was very patient on the phone with me and explained how it works. For me this is a game changer. It’s improved every facet of my erections and my sex life. It is different from any other ring device that I have seen and I have tried others. As a doctor and a user I would not hesitate to recommend this to anybody."

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You deserve it.
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