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The first wearable device clinically proven to treat erectile dysfunction.

A stronger, longer-lasting erection

Xialla is an integrated ring, loop, and adhesive band - all constructed of soft, elastic silicone. Xialla's unique, patented design anchors the ring in place to prevent it from moving during sexual activity, giving you a stronger, longer-lasting erection.

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Great customer service. Thanks for being so professional.


I have not had this much satisfaction for my wife and myself for years


I am extremely pleased with Xialla's customer service.

John H

The customer service is top notch

Alan O'Connell



Very responsive

Joel Gurian

Excellent customer service

Fred Abetecola

A real pleasure dealing with an honest company that stands by their advertising

Carl Howard

Xialla has a excellent service department.

Randall Snow

5 Star Service!

John Anderson

Fabulous customer service

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The item was described well and does work well

Ray Jackson

The item was described well and does work well

Ray Jackson

A++++++ customer service

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They have always met my needs or above. Great customer service.


I have not had this much satisfaction for my wife and myself for years.


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Fabulous Customer Service

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A++++++ customer service

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Almost too simple to be true

Xialla is crafted from a single piece of soft, stretchy silicone for simple and comfortable ED treatment.

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Xialla works alone,
and with other ED therapies

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Just Xialla

"I read about Xialla’s device to hold the blood from draining back into your body. I ordered the regular (most popular) device. Too tight of a fit. Called Xialla and they completely understood and set out the next larger size. I tried the new size right away, and what a great product."

William Rutter
Review from Trustpilot

A clinical trial showed that Xialla offers significant erectile function and sexual function benefit to 66% of patients.

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Xialla + medication

"I decided to try Xialla because my use of ED medications were no longer producing satisfactory results.
I still take the ED meds but using them with the Xialla system has made a very significant improvement in my performance and our overall experience.
The product is definitely worth a try."

ED medication increases blood inflow. Xialla helps prevent blood outflow so the erection stays stronger for longer.

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Xialla + ED pumps

"After a few practice attempts, and figuring out how to place the Xialla on the tube the proper way, the Xialla slipped off much easier than a normal constriction band and none of my erection was lost.
The Xialla is a God send. I truly thank Nigel for inventing this amazing product and amazing customer service the company provides."

Kenneth Akers
Review from Trustpilot

Xialla can be effectively used in place of the standard constriction rings used with vacuum pumps to slow venous leakage.

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Xialla + injections

"I am post prostatectomy 1 year. I have tried the medications with no success. The injections work somewhat but erections subside almost immediately when not standing up. I Figured I would give Xialla a try. It works, along with injections and even when using a smaller dose. This is also a whole lot better than the pump."

Xialla is clinically proven to complement the vasodilation effect of penile injection therapies by reducing blood outflow.

Clinically proven

"Clinical trials show Xialla to be effective in treating moderate to severe ED when used alone and in combination with drug or injection therapy."
Dr. Anthony J. Bella
One of the world's foremost urological surgeons

Dr. Bella is one of the top urological surgeons in the world. He has coauthored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and co-chaired the Canadian Urological Association Guidelines.

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