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Effective Design

How Xialla Works

Xialla is the only constriction device that's proven effective in treating moderate to severe ED in clinical trials. Xialla is particularly effective at treating blood outflow, or "venous leak". While ED medications, injections, and pumps address ED by increasing the inflow of blood through the arteries, Xialla works primarily by preventing blood outflow, (venous leak) through the deep dorsal vein.

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Blood Inflow

Most ED solutions, including medication, injections, and pumps work by trying to increase the amount of blood that flows into the penis.


Blood Outflow

In many men, excess blood outflow (venous leak) causes loss of the erection. In fact studies show that 55% of ED is caused by venous leak.


Rings Move

Traditional ED rings attempt to correct venous leak by compressing the dorsal veins. However these rings move during sexual activity, allowing blood to continue escaping from the penis.


Xialla Stays in Place

Xialla’s patented design prevents movement of the ring during sex. The ring stays in place, reducing blood outflow to effectively correct the venous leak. The result is a strong, long lasting erection.

To create inflow, blood is carried into the penis through the cavernosal arteries deep within the penile shaft. These arteries expand and increase blood flow during sexual arousal. When the penis is erect, the corporal tissue (the main part of the penis shaft) squeezes the deep dorsal vein and penile venules of the shaft, which slows the outflow of blood.

If the outflow is faster than the inflow, the erection will be weakened or lost: when the outflow can be slowed, an erection can be maintained. While conventional rings constrict the veins of the penis, they still allow blood outflow because they move freely during sex, and these movements end up pushing blood out through the veins.

Xialla's patented design improves on conventional rings by keeping the constriction mechanism firmly in place. A discreet band attaches to the lower back using an adhesive pad to secure the gently pull the ring toward the base of the penis, against the scrotum.

As a result, blood outflow (venous leak) is dramatically minimized, which in turn results in a faster-forming, stronger and longer-lasting erection.