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Is lubricant required with Xialla? What kind of lubricant is recommended?

Xialla can be used with or without lubricant. Xialla has a silky finish that makes it possible to position it without lubricant. However, lubricant may make positioning Xialla more comfortable. 

We recommend any high quality water based or oil based personal lubricant, available in pharmacies or adult stores.

Special advice regarding silicone lubricant

You may use silicone lubricant with Xialla provided you are aware of the following caution.


Be aware that silicone lubricants react with the silicone of Xialla to gradually soften and expand it. Silicone lubricant may also cause your Xialla to break. This does not mean that Xialla is defective. Rather this is common to all silicone products. Any silicone product will expand and soften over time when used with silicone lubricant. 

Therefore, if you choose to use silicone lubricant with Xialla: 

  1. You may need to replace the Xialla more often.
  2. The Xialla will expand and soften with repeated silicone lubricant use, so that it will be larger than you purchased it and may not be as effective.
  3. You may wish to purchase a smaller size, so that it expands to the correct size after use with silicone lube.
  4. The Xialla may break. 
  5. We reserve the right to not warranty a Xialla that's been used with silicone lubricant against breakage. If your Xialla breaks after silicone lubricant usage and you still feel a replacement is warranted, contact us

Making a larger Xialla with silicone lubricant

If the largest Xialla (size Thicker) is too tight for you, it's possible to use silicone lubricant to make a larger Xialla. See this FAQ for details

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Does Xialla work if I'm circumcized / uncircumcized?

Xialla works for both circumcised and uncircumsized men.

Is Xialla right for me?

Xialla is designed for men of any age or medical profile who experience ED due to venous leak (excess blood outflow). Because of its unique construction, Xialla offers an effective treatment option...