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I've tried everything and nothing works. Can Xialla help me?

Even if your ED is severe, Xialla might help. In clinical trials Xialla was effective at treating 54% of men who had failed all other treatments. For some of the men Xialla worked on its own and for some Xialla worked when combined with oral or injection medication. With our money back guarantee Xialla is always risk-free to try.
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Does Xialla work with pumps?

Yes Xialla works with pumps. Use Xialla in place of the standard constriction rings used with vacuum pumps for dramatically better results.  For general information on using Xialla with pumps, see...


What makes Xialla different?

Xialla is an integrated ring, loop, and adhesive band - all constructed of soft, elastic silicone. Xialla's unique, patented design anchors the ring in place to prevent it from moving during sexual...