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Size Guide

Here's a size guide (size chart) to help you select the right size. You will also find this size guide on the product page under "Sizing". 

Erect penis circumference
Under 5" | Size Slender
5-6" | Size Regular
Over 6" | Size Thicker

Flaccid penis circumference
Under 4" | Size Slender
4-5" | Size Regular
Over 5" | Size Thicker

Not sure? Choose Regular.

If you’re not sure of your size, we suggest Regular, as this fits most men. And no need to worry - we’ll send you a free replacement if you need something a bit bigger or smaller. And size changes are "no-hassle". There's no need to return the original. We simply send you the replacement. 

For the exact dimensions of the Xialla ring, click here

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Does Xialla work with ED medication?

Yes Xialla works with ED medication. Your regularly prescribed ED medication increases blood inflow. Xialla helps you prevent blood outflow so that your erection stays stronger for longer. For det...