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How I came back from steroid-triggered erectile dysfunction - Xialla

How I came back from steroid-triggered erectile dysfunction

No two stories of erectile dysfunction are the same. Every man's search for a solution is different. But by telling these stories, we can reduce the stigma, share the knowledge, and positively impact the outcomes.

This is the story of Xialla customer "JL" as told to Xialla in an interview on January 2021.

"JL" had spent many years working in industries that involved heavy manual labor, but as he approached middle age, the long-term effects of pushing his body hard was starting to catch up to him.

In 2016, he made a decision that he now regrets: he began taking steroids. While it provided short-term relief from the demands of his job, it also had a devastating unintended consequence. Within months, steroid use had destroyed his ability to get an erection.

He fell into a deep depression during which he was afraid to talk about the problem or seek help. Many men struggle with the stigma of erectile dysfunction (ED), but for JL, there was the added burden of developing the condition due to steroid use.

"I tried to find help online, but it was really hard," said JL. "There are not a lot of people who will come out and be honest about their steroid use and say, 'This is what happened to me and this is how I'm dealing with it.'"

The catalyst for change

After a year of inaction, JL realized that something had to change. He had met someone he cared about and was motivated to address the problem so that he could be ready for intimacy with them.

For the first time, he found the courage to talk to his doctor about the issue and be honest about his steroid use. While this was an important first step in his journey, it wouldn't solve the problem immediately. His doctor prescribed ED medication at first, and when that didn't work for him, he was prescribed testosterone, which definitely increased his muscle mass but didn't have an effect on his ED. When JL's doctor refused his request for a referral to a urologist, he realized he had reached a dead end—but he refused to give up.

"When I couldn't get a referral, I was determined to do my own research and educate myself," said JL. "I didn't want to get swept under the rug."

Making lifestyle changes

Meanwhile, he decided to make some big lifestyle changes. He changed his diet and quit smoking and drinking. He also started "biohacking"—taking cold showers, fasting intermittently and trying other natural ways to reset his metabolism and reboot his system. And the effort started paying off. As he improved his overall health, he found that his erectile function started to improve, too.

"I still wouldn't be able to make love to a woman," he admitted, "But I was pretty close."

Researching alternative treatments

Encouraged by the success of his lifestyle changes, JL renewed his online search for ED treatments, but for every nugget of real research he found, he discovered three times as much misinformation.

"So many products are about some guy going to Africa and finding a special root from an ancient tribe that cures ED," said JL. "I just don't buy these stories. If someone actually made that kind of discovery, the big drug companies would all be manufacturing it and doctors would be prescribing it."

He also looked at shockwave therapy but didn't see enough evidence that it would work.

"If I were rich, I would try everything. But I wasn't willing to pay thousands of dollars when there was no clinical proof."

Finding the right solution

He came across Xialla during his research and based on his experiences, the Xialla approach made sense.

"The last time I had sex, I started helping the erection by using my hand applying pressure at the base. I realized: that's exactly what this product does."

He took a chance and ordered it and discovered that it was the solution he had been looking for.

"It completely blew me away," he said. "I can't believe how well it works for me. It's like a miracle."

Now that he is seeing great results with Xialla, he may experiment with using ED medication and Xialla together.

"After years of struggling with it, I'm on the right track. There's someone I care about that I want to visit as soon as I can. We've already made plans. We just have to wait till it's safe."

Paying it forward

After spending years to find an ED treatment that works for him and struggling to find reliable, trustworthy information online, JL is inspired to take an active role in helping other men in a similar situation. He hopes men can learn from his experience and urges them to be honest with themselves and their doctors.

"Tell your doctor everything. If you've taken steroids, tell them. If you're smoking and drinking and eating poorly, tell them. If you're using recreational drugs, tell them. Don't let shame hold you back."

He also encourages men to do their research and trust their own intuition.

"When you're looking for information, it's hard to get straight answers," JL explained. "It's hard to get congruency among different people selling different products. There's no perfect answer. And there's no perfect expert. But if you stay positive and keep searching, you can find what's right for you."

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