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Using Xialla with ED pumps - Xialla

Using Xialla with ED pumps


This article gives an overview of Xialla and ED pumps. For a step-by-step guide on using Xialla with each type of pump, click here

Did you know that Xialla can be used with the majority of manual and battery-operated ED pumps? This article describes how to use Xialla with your ED pump and explains why many men see better results with Xialla than with the constriction devices that are typically sold with ED pumps.

Penis pumps—also called vacuum pumps or vacuum erection devices—work by creating a vacuum that encourages the inflow of blood to the penis to create an erection. They are a popular treatment for ED because they are effective, low risk, and relatively low cost.

For some men, using a pump is a way to avoid more invasive ED treatment methods such as surgery. Others use a pump in combination with other treatments such as ED medication, penile implants, or injections because it enhances the results.

ED pumps and constriction rings

ED pumps have long been a highly effective way to treat erectile dysfunction by stimulating blood inflow, with studies showing satisfaction rates of up to 85%.

But while pumps help to stimulate an erection by increasing blood inflow to the penis, they don't address the problem of blood outflow. This outflow, which is called "venous leakage," can quickly reduce the firmness of an erection. Problems with outflow affect as many as 55% of men with ED, so preventing blood outflow is an important part of the overall treatment of ED for many men.

That's why many pumps, whether manually or battery operated, come with ED rings included. These rings, which are also sometimes called "tension systems" or "bands," can come in different materials, sizes, and designs, but they all perform the same function: they constrict the base of the penis and prevent blood outflow. Once the pump has been used and an erection is achieved, the ring is positioned at the base of the penis where it constricts blood outflow and helps the wearer maintain the erection achieved through the vacuum effect.

Examples of manual pumps that come with constriction rings include the Encore Standard Manual Vacuum Erection Device, the Vacurect™, and the Soma Erect STF. Examples of battery-powered pumps that come with constriction rings include the BOS-2000-2 Battery Vacuum ED Penis Pump System, the Spartan® Battery Powered Vacuum Erection Device, and the Osbon Erecaid Esteem Battery Pump.

The problem with standard rings

While both the manual and battery-powered pumps are high-quality products that are proven to effectively enhance blood inflow, the rings may not be as effective at preventing blood outflow. This is because the standard ring-style constriction device tends to move during sex, sliding up and down the shaft of the penis during intercourse. With each motion, blood can escape from the penis, which in turn reduces the firmness of the erection. To reduce the amount of blood outflow, the constriction device ideally needs to be anchored in place so that it can provide a more effective barrier against blood outflow.

The Xialla solution

Xialla's patented design improves on the traditional constriction ring because the ring that constricts the base of the penis is anchored by a strap that keeps the ring firmly in place. The strap, which is made of comfortable, stretchy silicone, is drawn back through the legs and attached to a small adhesive tab at the base of the spine.

By immobilizing the constriction ring, Xialla ensures that the compression effect is stabilized and blood outflow is minimized, even during vigorous sexual activity. When a user of an ED pump replaces a standard constriction ring with Xialla, it allows them to maximize inflow, minimize outflow, and achieve a longer, stronger erection.

Experience the Xialla difference

ED pumps are a popular and effective way to treat ED, but underperforming constriction devices can reduce their effectiveness. Replacing the standard ring with Xialla can enhance the strength and duration of the erection even further.

If you use an ED pump regularly, or if you have tried one in the past and seen unsatisfactory results, try replacing the standard constriction ring with Xialla. Learn more about Xialla here.

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