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Does xialla help with climacturia?


Does Xialla help with climacturia? 



Thank you for your question. It's a good one and we're always here to provide information about how our Xialla device can potentially benefit you.

Xialla can help with climacturia.

In our clinical trial titled "Salvage of Climacturia Non-surgical Treatment Failures using a Patient and Partner-friendly Novel Soft Silicone Occlusion Loop during Sexual Activity," Xialla was evaluated as a potential treatment option for climacturia, the involuntary loss of urine during sexual activity following prostate cancer surgery.

The trial involved a cohort of five patients who had experienced treatment failure for climacturia and were not interested in surgical correction options. These patients had various reasons for treatment failure, including persistent leak, patient discomfort, interference or interruption in sexual activity, and partner's discomfort.

Results from the trial showed promising outcomes. All five men reported improvement in climacturia, with four out of five experiencing no urine leak associated with sexual activity once the Xialla device was applied. One patient even described significant decreases in climacturia and was retrialed with his previous treatment modality, which confirmed reduced urine loss.

The Xialla device offers a patient and partner-friendly option for addressing climacturia. It provides satisfactory levels of efficacy in this highly select group of post-prostatectomy climacturia treatment failures. The device's unique characteristics, including its method of anchoring to the penile shaft, make it a promising option for those seeking a non-surgical approach.

While these early results are encouraging, it's important to note that individual experiences may vary. We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider to determine if Xialla is suitable for your specific situation and to discuss potential treatment options for climacturia.

Kind regards, 

The Xialla Medical Team 

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