Please advise as to how often is too often?

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I am a regular user of your products and have the following questions for you and your medical team. Since I use the equipment about three times a week for three reasons; (Either my own masturbation needs or preparation for oral sex, or an assured lasting erection for wonderful sexual penetration) are there any drawbacks of using your product for any kind of desired sexual achievements on such a regular basis? I continue to increase my frequency of use to the point that sexual activity is not fun or satisfying without the use of Xialla.

Please advise as to how often is too often?

Your Faithful and super satisfied client.



Hi W.S., 

This is a great question, and I'm always happy to hear that Xialla is making someone's sex life amazing. 

Ring devices for ED are never risk-free. There's always a chance that the device can trigger a blood flow issue such as bruising or a more major issue such as a blood clot or scar tissue development. We list the precautions in the instructions that come with Xialla and it's important to be familiar with and follow the precautions. 

You'll be glad to know that, used properly and with adherence to the precautions, Xialla can be used as often as you like! 

The benefits of any kind of sex are almost too numerous to list, and include lower blood pressure, better immune system, better heart health, possibly including lower risk for heart disease, improved self-esteem, decreased depression and anxiety, increased libido, immediate, natural pain relief, better sleep, increased intimacy and closeness to a sexual partner, and overall stress reduction, both physiologically and emotional. 

Aside from these benefits, the pursuit and achievement of sex and orgasm is one of man's deepest and most primal instincts. It's one of the things that defines us as men and the sex drive of men is what ensures the survival of the species against all odds. It's quite literally one of the few things that men will truly live and die for. When we achieve it we feel God-like. When we don't have it, we tend to feel distressed and become distracted and unfocused. 

For all these reasons, I'm confident in saying that you should use your Xialla as often as you like and enjoy it freely and fully. 

Kind regards, 

The Xialla Medical Team

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