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I've been researching Xialla and have several questions:
  1. I'm 72 years old and have been insulin-dependent diabetic for over 50 years.  Tadalafil is helpful but doesn't really get the job done. What I've gathered from your website indicates that Xialla might be a very successful complement to tadalafil.  ("Strangling" the base of my penis with my fingers when tadalafil is working results in a better erection.)  I don't find anything on your website or in customer ratings addressing diabetes-associated ED.  Why?
  2. How long, i. e., how many wearings, can I expect Xialla to last.
  3. Do you have a recommended maximum time to have Xialla in place to avoid injury to penis or scrotum?
  4. My flaccid girth is right at 4", maybe a tiny bit less, depending on how tight I pull the tape. This is right on the cusp between Slender and Regular.  What size do you recommend?
Thank you.


Hi SR, 

Thanks for the interesting questions.
  1. You're correct, Xialla compliments Tadalafil very well. We have this short article on diabetes, and it mentions using Xialla with ED medication: https://ca.xialla.com/blogs/help/does-xialla-work-if-youre-diabetic-or-have-high-blood-pressure-or-heart-disease. If you have trouble finding things on the website, give the search button a try. This article comes up if you search "diabetes" or "diabetic". We also mention diabetes mellitus in this article: https://ca.xialla.com/blogs/qa/why-is-ed-not-considered-a-disease.
  2. Xialla will last for many uses. If it does happen to break we will replace it a no charge within a year of purchase. Search "Time to wear" on the website and you'll come up with this answer: https://ca.xialla.com/blogs/help/how-long-can-i-use-xialla-for.
  3. To avoid temporary or permanent injury; use Xialla for no longer than 30 minutes per time, allow at least 1 hour between uses, and avoid falling asleep while wearing Xialla. These are the standard guidelines issued by the FDA that we need to provide as a manufacturer of an ED ring device.
  4. We recommend the Regular. It fits on the snug side. We'll send out the Slender at no charge if the Regular's not snug enough.

Kind regards, 

The Xialla Medical Team


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