Post TURP operation and wondering when Xialla should be used with ED meds

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I had a TURP operation several years ago and about 12 months later had a circumcision because the foreskin became too tight. For some time Viagra or Cialis worked well for me but recently my erection has expired fairly softly after initiating sex with my wife. Since the website recommends that Xialla be in place for only 30 minutes I would like to know when you recommend putting it on when using Viagra.

I purchased the device yesterday and am looking forward to trying it when it arrives.



Hi P.,

Thank you for the background information. That’s a great question.

We generally recommend putting the Xialla on once the Viagra starts to take effect. That way you have the maximum time with both the Viagra and the Xialla active.

I hope the Viagra/Xialla combination works well for you. It does the trick for many of our customers.

Kind regards, 

The Xialla Medical Team

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