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Do you have a larger Xialla than the Thicker size?

At present, our inventory does not offer a size greater than "Thicker." However, if you're feeling adventurous, there's a potential method to expand the size of your Xialla by employing a silicone lubricant.

Please be aware that this is a trial-and-error technique and it might increase the likelihood of premature damage to your Xialla.

Typically, silicone lubricant isn't advised for use with Xialla as it interacts with the silicone material, causing it to become softer and expand. Furthermore, this interaction can potentially weaken your Xialla, raising the risk of it breaking.

Nonetheless, for those looking to experiment and in need of a larger Xialla, consider using silicone lubricant to increase the size and stretchiness of the Xialla. By gently massaging a small amount into your Xialla every day for a few days, you should notice a gradual increase in both stretchiness and size.

We regret to inform you that we cannot extend our warranty to cover Xialla breakage when used with silicone lubricant. Yet we value innovation and understand that sometimes experimenting is a necessary step towards finding a solution for your erectile dysfunction. Hence, should you find your Xialla breaks as a result of this experiment, we are committed to assisting you. Please contact us at, and we will provide a discount for your next Xialla purchase.

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How tight should Xialla be when fully erect?

When fully erect, Xialla should feel snug but not painfully tight. If Xialla causes any pain or numbness, remove it and request a larger size (no charge). If Xialla doesn't maintain the erection, a...


I feel a sense of numbness in the shaft. Is this normal?

Any constriction ring, including Xialla, may cause the penile shaft go slightly numb. Customers who experience excessive numbness may want to try a larger size. Size changes are free, just contact...