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I feel a sense of numbness in the shaft. Is this normal?

Any constriction ring, including Xialla, may cause the penile shaft go slightly numb. Customers who experience excessive numbness may want to try a larger size. Size changes are free, just contact us here.

The larger size may not work as effectively, so there's a balance between the ring being effective and it being too snug for comfort. Experimentation is the best way to find the right balance. 

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Do you have a larger Xialla than the Thicker size?

We don't have a size larger than Thicker. However it is possible to make a larger size using silicone lubricant.  Warning: This is an experimental procedure and may result in your Xialla breaking ...


Can Xialla be put on a flaccid penis or do I need an erection to start?

Xialla can be put on a flaccid or erect penis. As you begin to get stimulated and blood flows into the penis, Xialla helps the erection to build by preventing blood from flowing back out too quick...