Is the Band Necessary and Is Shockwave Effective?

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I have just purchased Xialla and only used it for masturbation so far. I can maintain an erection quite well with both with manual stimulation. The Xialla is much more comfortable and I’m looking forward to using it for intercourse.

I wonder if the band (back strap) is necessary as I use it for masturbation without attaching it and it works well. The loop around the scrotum seems to work very well at keeping the ring in place.

I have discovered through shockwave therapy treatment that it doesn’t repair venous leak from what I can see so far but after 12 sessions I do think my inflow and sensitivity have improved. In your opinion is shockwave therapy effective to increase inflow and can improved inflow ever reduce venous leak?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Wally,

I’m so glad to hear that you like the Xialla and that it’s working well for you. If you don’t need the band then it’s fine to use without the band and you can cut the band right off. Most users myself included find the extra pull-back from the band really helps. But that depends to a certain extent how loose one’s scrotum is. If the scrotum can be pulled forward then the band helps hold it back. If the scrotum is more “tight” then as you’ve found out, it’s enough to secure the ring without the band having to pull back.

As well, some users find the loop can tend to slide off the scrotum if the band isn’t holding everything up tight.

Yes there is increasing evidence that shockwave therapy has real benefits. I’m happy to hear that it’s working for you.


Nigel and the Xialla Medical Team

Follow-up from Wally

I tried it with intercourse since then and it worked very well. Thx again I finally feel hopeful after lots of severe side effects of [oral meds] and still not sure what to expect from shockwave at this point.

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