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Sporadic erections and emotional setbacks due to traumatic times


Greetings, This message is for the Medical Team.

My erection is sporadic to say the least and most likely to be hard when I am by myself. I can awaken fully stiff but can lose this quickly. I am able to touch myself and acquire a mostly hard erection. The Xialla device does help tremendously. I had less success in action, I think because I had not used it properly. I would say that I have the Venous leak problem not the inflow problem. But then again, I am thinking that the problem could be all psychological or habitual.

It seems that after my divorce in 2012 the problem started when I suffered some traumatic times. I can feel the urge sometimes and the erection does not happen. I have to coax it. I am older. I have not been sexually active with a person for a while.

If you have questions, I am here.

It might be that I was really set back emotionally and have not yet found my way back.

Now you have most of my thoughts and reality. What is your opinion? Do I have ED or some form of it?

Thank you,

Respectfully, G.


Dear G.,

Thank you for the detailed question and background.

Technically speaking, any inability to get an erection is termed ED. When the term was invented back in the early days of Viagra, the marketing folks wanted to make sure they could capture a broad audience, so they made sure that the term erectile dysfunction would apply to virtually anyone who couldn’t achieve a full and complete erection, any time, for any purpose.

Erectile dysfunction is more subtle than that, however, as you’ve discovered. It can be tricky to figure out.

From your notes, it’s likely that you have a venous leak issue. Venous leak is very common in older men. It’s so common in fact that we at Xialla think of venous leak as almost a normal side-effect of aging, the same way hardening of the arteries and wrinkles are normal side effects. The fact that Xialla helps a lot is a strong indicator of venous leak.

Regarding the difficulty of performing with a partner, you’re on the right track that it could well be an emotional issue. Once emotions come into play, it’s amazing how fast an erection can disappear, even with Xialla.

You may well find that over time Xialla helps to restore the confidence so that you will be less apprehensive with a partner. I myself have found that to be the case. The more times one masturbates successfully and with great pleasure, the more confidence one gains that it will always work.

You may have considered seeing a therapist to work through the traumatic times. If so, we would encourage you to pursue that. It really helps. There was a time when it wasn’t fashionable for men to see therapists, but now the stigma is pretty much erased and a bit of talking to a good therapist can really help with self-confidence. It can be amazing and life changing.

I hope this helps a bit. Please keep in touch. We are always here to help and want the very best for you.

Kind regards, 

The Xialla Medical Team

Follow-up From G.

Thank you Nigel and Xialla Medical Team,

I appreciate your answer. I am satisfied with it. It addressed all aspects of my outreach.  You guys are a force in the ED world. It seems I had none of this information until Xialla. I am thankful. 



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