Is it OK to use coconut oil with Xialla, even though it erodes my "soft SEBS silicone" Ringo brand ring?

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Hi, I'm a happy Xialla customer, but my wife and I are switching to a coconut-oil lubricant and I'm wondering if that might cause any problems over time with the Xialla. Coconut oil does erode the "soft SEBS silicone" of my Ringo-brand constriction rings, but Xialla's material seems sturdier -- do you have any thoughts that might help? Thanks!



Hi MG, 

Although the material of your Ringo brand rings is labeled as "soft SEBS silicone", SEBS is in fact quite different from silicone. It’s a styrene-ethelyne-butyl compound. Silicone is a siloxane polymer. 

Xialla is made of genuine silicone, and will not be affected by coconut oil or any other personal lubricant based on oils. So coconut oil is indeed safe to use with Xialla. 

Kind regards, 

The Xialla Medical Team



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