With Xialla the erection is amazing; yet I feel a sense of numbness in the shaft. Is this normal?

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My wife and I have enjoyed 30+ years of amazing sex with 100% orgasm for me.  Her ratio for orgasm would probably be 50%. I have developed an early stage of ED partially due to nerve impact from my lower vertebrae. I am able to get an erection; however it is not strong and sustainable through orgasm. Xialla has been amazing for a strong erection like I had in my 30s. I am 55 now. With Xialla the erection is amazing; yet I feel a sense of numbness in the shaft.  Is this normal? Should I try a larger size ring?




Dear MC, 

It's great to hear that you both have so much success with Xialla. We have a few customers with similar injury to yours. One young customer in particular was unable to make love to his new wife due to a lower back injury. Nothing worked for them until they tried Xialla. When I heard the news I was overjoyed. I feel the same joy and happiness for you. 

To answer your question, the shaft can go a bit numb due to the constriction. Customers who experience numbness may want to try a larger size. Size changes are free, just contact us here.

The larger size may not work as effectively, so there's a balance between the ring being effective and it being too snug for comfort. Experimentation is the best way to find the right balance. 

Kind regards, 

The Xialla Medical Team

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