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I feel a sense of numbness in the shaft. Is this normal?

Any constriction ring, including Xialla, may cause the penile shaft go slightly numb. Customers who experience excessive numbness may want to try a larger size. Size changes are free, just contact...


Do you have a larger Xialla than the Thicker size?

We don't have a size larger than Thicker. However it is possible to make a larger size using silicone lubricant.  Warning: This is an experimental procedure and may result in your Xialla breaking ...


How tight should Xialla be when fully erect?

When fully erect, Xialla should feel snug but not painfully tight. If Xialla causes any pain or numbness, remove it and request a larger size (no charge). If Xialla doesn't maintain the erection, a...


How much does shipping cost?

For orders in the USA: Shipping is free for orders of $40 or more and $5 for orders under $40.  For orders in Canada: Shipping is free for orders of $56 or more and $7.50 for orders under $56


How do I pronounce Xialla?

Xialla is pronounced zee-ah'-la.

What is the circumference and diameter of the Xialla ring?

Following are the inner diameter and circumference of the Xialla ring for each of the three sizes. Note: For the size chart, click here.  Inner Diameter Inner Circumference Regular 0.94" (2....


Xialla doesn't fit well (too tight or too loose).

If your Xialla is too tight or too loose, please get in touch and we’ll send you a different size free of charge.


My Xialla broke.

Contact us for a free replacement within one year of purchase.

Xialla doesn't work for me

If Xialla doesn't work, don't give up yet. Here are some things to try. Is Xialla snug enough? If Xialla isn’t snug around the penis ... Help Xialla out with medication. Xialla slows excess blo...


The adhesive pad doesn't stick well to my skin.

If the adhesive pad doesn't stick well, here are a few things to check: Make sure the area is clean and dry when you apply the pad. When applying the pad, press and rub it firmly to create a good...